Name : Magdalena Eriksson

Country : Sweden

Birth : September 8th, 1993

Playing position : Defender

Team : FC Chelsea (England)




Magdalena Eriksson playes for the FC Chelsea since 2017.

She belonged to the club of Linköpings FC, then Chelsea’s club recruited her in 2017.

Eriksson is called up to the Swedish national team since 2014 and she helped her team to win the Silver Medal at the Rio Olympics.

Despite her own goals against Manchester City and Lyon in 2018, her precision and defensive technique make her one of the best players in the world in this position.

She participates at the World Championship 2019 in France, and and can count on the support of her girlfriend, the Danish star Pernille Harder.

She became a symbol of tolerance after her kiss with Pernille Harder after Sweden qualified against Canada.