Name : Marta

Country : Brazil

Birth : February 19th, 1986

Playing position : Forward

Team : Orlando Pride (USA)




Marta is a living legend who playes for Orlando Pride since 2017.

She played mainly in the United States and Brazil but in Sweden too.

Captain of Brazil since 2003, she has the record for the number of goals in the World Cup (17 goals). She participates in the World Cup 2019 but is eliminated by France in Quater-Final. She offered the most beautiful speech of hope of the World Cup.

Marta is a player committed to feminism, respected for her exceptional technique by her teammates and opponents. She is considered as the best female player of all time and the equivalent of Pelé.

She ranked at the fourth place of the Golden Ball 2019 and she is voted four times the best player in the world.