English superstar Wayne Rooney could be on the move on the other side of the Atlantic.

This comes after the Washington Post last May 8th reported that Rooney and the Major League Soccer (MLS) team DC United are in talks about a deal which will allow Rooney to play for the Washington DC-based football team.

According to the report, Rooney is becoming frustrated on his current club Everton. During the Premier League season, the 32-year-old scored 10 goals for Everton but, the greatest scorer in England national team history could not follow-up it since December.

If DC United is dead serious in signing Rooney, the team could pay a transfer fee or negotiate a free move. According to the Post, Rooney market value is estimated at $17 million.

This is not the first time that DC United is pursuing Rooney. Last year, the team also approached the Englishman but he decided to sign with Everton in a virtue of a two-year deal.

The MLS transfer and trade window is set to open on July 10th.

If asked if DC United needs a roster upgrade, United head coach Ben Olsen said ”Yes” via the same Post report. DC United was dead last in the Eastern Conference of the MLS with eight points.

Rooney joined Everton in July 2017 after playing for Manchester United for the last 13 years.  He is also played for Everton in early parts of his career before joining Manchester United in 2004.

Everton team manager Sam Allardyce confirmed to ESPN.com last May 11th that DC United is interested in acquiring Rooney but the veteran English forward was not asked to leave the team.

“My understanding of the situation is that there seems to have been some negotiations somewhere along the line,” Allardyce said via ESPN.com. “But as in terms of the clarity whether Wayne is leaving or staying, I’ll find out a little more today when Wayne comes in for training.

“I don’t get involved in anything regarding transfers or negotiations. All I know is that there appears to be an interest from D.C. United – where that is and where that lies and where Wayne lies with it, I can’t tell you at the moment. Only after I’ve spoken him today will I find out where the situation actually lies,” Allardyce added.

Rooney did not suit up in Everton last game in the Premier League. Everton finished in eighth place with 49 points.

In another report of the Washington Post last May 14th, Rooney and DC United are inching closer for a deal.

“Feeling good to wrap up this week or early next,” one source said via Washington Post. “Getting close.”

DC United is prepared to pay Rooney an annual salary of  $5- 8 million if the deal pushes through.

If it ‘s official Rooney will not be eligible to play right away until the transfer and trade window of MLS wrapped up.


Pep Guardiola signs three-year extension with Manchester City

Manchester City team manager Pep Guardiola signed a three-year extension to remain with the City until 2021.

“I am so happy and excited. It’s a pleasure to work here,” said Guardiola via BBC Sports.

“I enjoy working with our players every day and we will try to do our best together in the coming years. As a manager, you have to feel good to be with the players – and I feel good.”

Guardiola guided Manchester City to two titles this year where they defeated Arsenal 3-0 last February to claim the League Cup-his first championship for City.

The Spaniard also guided City to claim also the Premier League in recording 100 points in which he scored 104 goals and won 32 games-both Premier League record.

“I will focus on the desire of my players to become a better team and every day that’s what I will try to do – to improve on the pitch and improve our players,” Guardiola added in the BBC Sports report.

“We have a young squad with an average age of 23 and we want to keep taking steps forward and maintain the levels we’ve achieved this season.”

Prior to his stint with Manchester City, Guardiola also served as team manager for FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, which he also guided to clinch championships.


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