The matches played :

  • France-Belgium : 1-0
  • Croatia-England : 2-1 (a.p)


Top Teams : France, Croatia

Flop Teams : Belgium, England

The games to remember :

Top players : Eden Hazard, Thomas Courtois, Hugo Lloris, Luka Modric

Flop players : Antoine Griezmann, Romelu Lukaku, Kévin De Bruyne, Harry Kane


Favourites eliminated : Belgium, England

Favourites qualified : France

Suprise teams qualified for the next tour : Croatia


July 11/07

France- Belgium

The match between France and Belgium was announced like a dual francophone with intensity. It was a dual of players in terms of supporters too. Each team could believe in a miracle after their own previous victory, in eliminating two of the favourites (Uruguay for France and Brazil for Belgium). From the start of the match until the break, the stress blocked the two teams and the fans could have seen a match of tactic. During the second half-time, the players started to attack but the goalkeepers stopped all the attempts! The mistakes were continued for each team. It was also a dual between the stength and the velocity. After a big occasion, Olivier Giroud shot a corner for Samuel Umtiti, who jumped higher than Fellaini to score for France. It’s the only goal of the match at the 51st minute. Belgian players took by Eden Hazard, tried to equalize but Kante and Matuidi avoided De Bruyne and Lukaku to score. France played in defense and waited for the Belgian players to attack after. Lloris saved France, and Courtois stopped the ball of 2-0 at the 93rd minute. So Belgium will fight England to determine the third place on Saturday and France will confront Croatia for the title on Sunday!

July 12/07


It was the last match before the finales. The team who beat Russia, the surprise team who confronted one of the best nations of football in the world and who eliminated Sweden. It was the third match in 3 matches that Croatia had to prolong. England opened the score at the 5th minute with a goal of Trippier on a free-kick, after a fault of Modric in front of the surface. More confident, the English players forgot the determination of the Croatian team who did not give up! In second half-time, Croatia came back into the game and England moved back. Perisic equalized for his team at the 68th minute. At the end of reglementary time, the two teams were on the score of 1-1. We needed to wait for the 109th minute to watch the victorious goal of Mandzukic for Croatia! In conclusion of the match, England will not play the second finals of its history. Instead, they will fight against Belgium for the third place on Saturday. Croatia will face France again on Sunday to win the title. This match will be the remake of the semi-finale of 1998, when France defeated Croatia.